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My Reason For Being

I understand that your computer is important to you and that when it does not behave as expected or shows you all sorts of bewildering symptoms such as:

Blue screens
Error messages
Freezing up
Restarting without warning
Refusing to start up at all
Refusing to shut down
Strange noises

or exhibits a myriad of other worrying and sometimes confusing behaviours, that it can be a very stressful experience.
Rest assured that you are not the only computer user in the world that these things happen to. I aim to put you at your ease and get your machine/s up and running normally again with the least possible inconvenience.
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are fully supported.

My Aims
To provide "Plain English", understandable and cost effective solutions to home and small business computer users without excessive use of jargon and hard to understand technical terms.
To explain, wherever possible, what the proposed solution will involve and give an accurate idea of expected costs.
To respect and safeguard, wherever possible, any data placed into my temporary care during repairs, upgrading and testing of personal or office computers
To provide an accurate estimate of the time involved to effectively repair, upgrade or to carry out any additional work on personal or office computers.
To fully workshop test all machines prior to their return to client
To respond as quickly as possible to "out of hours" service requests.
To arrive at the specified appointment time wherever possible.
To be friendly and polite at all times
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